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Baty Vision Systems – Venture 3D Manual

    Baty Vision Systems – Venture 3D Manual Features High resolution 0.5μm scales for increased accuracy 6.5:1 Zoom lens Programmable segmented LED lighting system Z axis dovetail slide mount for increased Z axis capacity High precision cross-roller stage Ultra-smooth plain rod drives Auto video edge detection tools Auto programming On screen focus meter (Man) …

Baty Vision Systems – Venture 3D Manual Fusion 3D Software

    Baty Vision Systems – Venture 3D Manual Fusion 3D Software Features Fully dimensioned part view CAD import / export Profile scanning and best fit to CAD master SPC batch information including control charts Auto output to excel 64 LED programmable segmented surface illumination Advanced video edge detection TTL light and collimated profile illumination Motorised …

Baty Vision Systems – Venture 3D CNC

    Baty Vision Systems – Venture 3D CNC Features • Teach and Repeat programming • Programmable segmented LED lighting • High resolution 0.5µm scales for increased accuracy • CAD import / export • Scanning & best fitting • Fully dimensioned part view • SPC included • One click output to Excel™ • Autofocus • …

Baty Vision Systems – Venture Plus

    Baty Vision Systems – Venture Plus Features • Teach and Repeat programming • Programmable segmented LED lighting • High resolution 0.5µm scales for increased accuracy • CAD import / export • Scanning & best fitting • Fully dimensioned part view • SPC included • One click output to Excel™ • Autofocus • Renishaw …

An Introduction to Baty International

Baty International is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Optical Profile Projectors, Co-ordinate Measuring Systems and Gauging Products. Baty’s product range includes two dimensional (profile measuring) equipment and full 3 dimensional (coordinate measuring) systems.

Baty Venture Plus Vision System

The Venture Plus Vision System from Baty is available in three models: VP-6460 with 640mm x 600mm x 250mm measuring range VP-6490 with 640mm x 900mm x 250mm measuring range VP-100150 with 1000mm x 1500mm x 400mm measuring range The bridge type construction is all aluminium resulting in low inertia and low thermal mass. Air …

Baty Venture 3D Vision System

Venture AB3-V This model features Baty’s powerful Fusion software with full 3D functionality. The measured part can now be dimensioned in all three projections showing true 3D results. Touch Probe The popular Renishaw Touch probe option often helps to solve complex 3D measurement applications. Fusion allows the use of both touch probe and camera measurements …

Baty VuMaster – 2D Manual / 2D CNC Vision System

VuMaster is a manual 2D vision system with a massive difference. Due to the newly patented Colourmap™ scale system, the VuMaster does not have a conventional stage or encoders — just a floating measuring camera that moves anywhere in the measuring range. The result is fast, accurate, ‘non contact’ measurement over a much larger measuring …
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