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IPX-885 Stand for Force Gauge

Specification Dimension 245x430x570 (LxWxH) Weight 24.2kg Test speed : 50-245mm/min Capacity: 200N Test speed : 200-500mm/min Capacity: 500N Stroke 250mm Accuracy of speed 10% Resolution of speed 5mm/min Max Cycle Times 9999      

Q-scope® stands

Q-scope® stands with unique easy 3D positioner The Q-scope can be used with different types of stands, dependent on your type of application. The Q-scope Metal Basic Stand offers a steady positioning of the microscope and with the 3D-positioning holder the Q-scope can be effortless positioned in literally each three dimensional position using only ONE hand! …

Magnetic Base and Indication MW 475-SET 2

  Magnetic Base  and Indication MW 475-SET 2 Features • Combined set for extra value • Includes MW475-01 magnetic base with fine adjustment and MW405-04DB 0-12.5mm/0.01mm digital indicator     Code No Description Remarks MW475-SET2 Magnetic base with MW405-04DB Digital Indicator –

Magnetic Base and Indicator MW 475-SET 1

Magnetic Base and Indicator MW 475-SET 1 Features Combined set for extra value Includes MW475-01 magnetic base with fine adjustment and MW400-06 0-10mm/0.01mm dial indicator   Code No Description Remarks MW475-SET1 Magnetic base with MW400-06 Dial Indicator –

Mini Magnetic Base MW497-Set 1

  Mini Magnetic Base MW497-Set 1 Features 1 universal ball socket MicroFine adjustment screw Dovetail mounting Chuck adapter   Code No Description Remarks MW497-SET1 Mini magnetic base with MW420-04 Dial Test Indicator –

Magnetic Articulating Stand MW477-01

Magnetic Articulating Stand MW477-01   Features Versatile magnetic base that can be adjusted in almost unlimited ways Fine adjustment 30kg clamp force V-base for mounting on rounded surfaces Code No Description Type MW477-01 Articulating arm magnetic base Fine Adjustment

Magnetic Hydraulic Stand MW485-01

Magnetic Hydraulic Stand MW485-01 Features Features a unique hydraulic central lock for all arms and swivel positions Super solid model With fine adjustment With powerful on/off magnetic base Magnetic Force 80kg/ 175Lbs Universal model which can be used for indicators with or without “Lug” on back plate Accepts dial test indicators, digital indicators and normal …

Magnetic Snake Stand MW496-01

Magnetic Snake Stand MW496-01 Features Standard: Factory Standard Corrosion resistant chrome plated flex arm Magnetic Force 40kg/ 85Lbs Holds rigidly in almost any position V-base for mounting on rounded surfaces Code No Description Type MW496-01 Snake Stand Mechanical Lock
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