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Shore Scale “A” Durometer CV-HS100

Shore Scale “A” Durometer CV-HS100 Handheld durometer for Shore A hardness testing Features Analogue durometer for Shore A Stainless steel precision compression spring Glass lens resists scratching and discoloration Standard Delivery Main unit Carrying case CV Instruments certificate Optional accessories Test block Code Size CV-SH100 Shore A

Analogue Shore Durometers

Analogue Shore Durometers Handheld durometer for soft materials Features Fast and easy to read Portable Hand-held operation or via optional bench stand Available in either Shore A or Shore D Testing rubbers, plastics, leather and other soft materials Supplied with a setting / reference block Supplied as standard with UKAS certificate of calibration The optional …

Digital Shore Scale “D” Durometer CV-DSDS001

Digital Shore Scale “D” Durometer CV-DSDS001 Handheld digital durometer for Shore D hardness testing Features Testing rubber, plastic, leather and all other soft materials Fast and easy to read Large digital display, digits 8mm high Portable Use by hand or mounted on a stand Available in Shore D Supplied with a reference block Data output for SPC …

Shore Durometer Applications

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