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Long Jaw Vernier Caliper MW155 series

Long Jaw Vernier Caliper MW155 series Features Standard: Factory Standard • With longer jaws which permit the measurement of large workpiece • Stop screw for locking the slider • Made of hardened stainless steel • Jaws for internal and external measurement • Chromed scale with engraved graduations • The scale show both mm and inch • Measuring …

Digital Long Jaw Caliper MW110-15DLJ

 Digital Long Jaw Caliper MW110-15DLJ Features Standard: Factory Standard • Heavy duty design • Long jaws with internal measuring nibs • ‘Soft keys’ for maximum operating comfort • Easy to read LCD display • Ground micro-lapped measuring surfaces • Thumb wheel for fine adjustment • Functions: mm / inch conversion, on/off, zero-setting, ABS / zero, …
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