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Hawkeye® V2 Video Borescopes

Hawkeye® V2 Video Borescopes   Hawkeye® V2 Video Borescopes The all new Hawkeye®V2 Videoscopes contain a brighter, higher resolution, more durable camera, delivering sharp, clear photos and videos in a wide range of demanding inspection applications. The new, larger 5” LCD screen provides detailed close-up views, has a 2X zoom function, mirror image capability, and …

Hawkeye® Classic Flex Video Borescopes

Hawkeye® Classic Flexible Video Borescopes are the perfect choice when portability, and easy image capture, are key factors. These high quality, affordably priced video borescopes are much more durable than fiber optic borescopes, low cost, and completely portable. Hawkeye Flexible Video Borescopes come complete with video monitor, LED light source, and image capture capability, all …
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