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Digital Height Gauge MW193-DDL Series

Digitronic Height Gauge MW193-DDL Series Features • Easy to read LCD display • Hand wheel operation with positive lock • Ground micro-lapped measuring surfaces • Functions: mm/inch conversion, on/off, zero-setting, max, min, hold, battery low indication • Fine adjustment • Supplied with carbide tipped scriber   Code No. Range (mm) Range (inch) Resolution (mm) Resolution (inch) …

Digital Absolute Caliper MW110-DABS Series

Digital Absolute Caliper MW110-DABS Series Features Absolute Measuring System RS232 Digital Output CR2032 Battery 4-way measurement Functions: mm/inch conversion, on/off, data-output Digimatic RS232 Output Thumb wheel for fine adjustment Code No Range Resolution Accuracy MW110-15DABS 150mm/ 6″ 0.01mm/ 0.0005″ ± 0.020mm / ±0.001″ MW110-20DABS 200mm/ 8″ 0.01mm/ 0.0005″ ± 0.030mm / ±0.0015″ MW110-30DABS 300mm/ 12″ …

New Product! XT3 Digital Bore Gauge

  Bowers’ XT3 digital internal micrometers offer a new ergonomic design – including a larger and clearer LCD display – along with IP67 electronics protection, proximity output with optional built-in Bluetooth; both allow bi-directional communication giving greater flexibility for data acquisition and storage. The extended mechanical travel of the XT range means that special heads …

Particle Counter CLJ-H603 เครื่องวัดอนุภาคอากาศ

CLJ-H603 Handheld Particle Counter The CLJ-H603 model is reliable and easy-to-use machine; it’s handheld, ergonomically designed and lightweight. The Model CLJ-H603 counts airborne particles in six different size ranges simultaneously. Count data is displayed on screen (320×240 pixels, high resolution) as total number of particles (cumulative count). Data can be easily downloaded to computer, or print …

Hawkeye Pro Rigid Borescope [New Product:2015-08]

  Pro Hardy™ .250” (6.35 mm) Hawkeye® Pro Hardy Borescopes are rugged and bright. The quarter inch diameter Pro Hardy gives 3x the illumination of the Pro Slim. The Hawkeye Pro Hardy Borescope excels at looking into the larger, dark spaces of diesel and aircraft cylinders, tanks, pressure vessels, pipes, and even wall cavities. Hawkeye Pro …

Digitronic Protractors 505 Series [New Product: 2015-06]

Digitronic Protractors 505 Series Features • Large LCD display • Strong magnets on all blade edges • Easy-to-use and strong lock device • Hold function • Reversible reading • Accuracy: ±0.2º Code No. Range Size Resolution MW505-01 360° 100mm / 4″ 0.05° MW505-02 360° 200mm / 8″ 0.05° MW505-03 360° 300mm / 12″ 0.05°

Euromex StereoBlue Bino Zoom SB.1902-P [NEW PRODUCT 2015-03]

Eyepieces Paired wide field eyepieces WF10x / 20 mm with eyeshades Head Binocular 45° inclined tubes and 360° rotatable. Diopter adjustment Interpupillary distance adjustable between 55 and 75 mm Objectives 0,7x to 4,5x zoom objective. Magnifications 7x to 45x and a field of view of 28,5 mm to 4.5 mm. Working distance 100 mm. Other magnifications and working distances …
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