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IPX-885 Stand for Force Gauge

Specification Dimension 245x430x570 (LxWxH) Weight 24.2kg Test speed : 50-245mm/min Capacity: 200N Test speed : 200-500mm/min Capacity: 500N Stroke 250mm Accuracy of speed 10% Resolution of speed 5mm/min Max Cycle Times 9999      

Analogue Force Gauge SN

  Analogue Force Gauge SN force tester,force dynamometer, mechanical force gauge With compact size and high accuracy, SN analog force gauge is easy to operate and convenient to carry. Aingle click on the knob of the device will move the indication needle from the peak force indication to tracking indication. It is applied in various field, …

Analogue Force Gauge NK

Analogue Force Gauge NK – High accuracy and resolution – Compact size, easy to operate and handy to carry out – Peak hold and track mode – Two units Newton and Kilogram – Match to all kinds of test stands and grips เครื่องวัดแรงดึงแรงกด แบบเข็ม อนาล็อก Code Range (N) NK-10 0-10 NK-20 0-20 NK-30 0-30 NK-50 …

Multi-Functional Digital Force Gauge IPX-800

Multi-Functional Digital Force Gauge IPX-800 With integrated load cell and external load cell Features High accuracy +/- 0.5% of full scale Peak hold function Tolerance setting Calculation of average values Lbf, Kgf and Newton units RS232 digital output Clear LCD display showing all functions and parameters Supplied with standard accessories and software Optional stands available …
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