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Profile Projector-R600 Baty

Profile Projector-R600 Baty โปรไฟล์โปรเจคเตอร์ The Baty R600 with its 600mm (24″) screen and high specification, presents the capability to make simple comparative non-contact measurement through to complex programmed measuring sequences with SPC capability and automatic edge detection.   The horizontal light beam configuration is ideally suited to large machined or turned workpieces for mounting in …

Traditional Depth Gauge 43M & 44M

Traditional Depth Gauge  43M & 44M Depth Gauges: • Available with either reversible base or protractor • Full range rule adjustment • Readings can be fixed by means of a locknut • Rules graduated on both sides • Metric scales front face graduations 0.5mm, 1.0mm • Metric scales rear face graduations 1.0mm • Metric / …

Digital Angle Rule MW506 Series

Digital  Angle Rule  MW506 Series Features • Large LCD display • Easy-to-use and strong lock device • Inside and outside angle measuring • Hold function • Reversible reading • Stainless steel rule blades with mm, 1/16″, 1/32″ and 1/64″ scales   Code No. Range (mm) Range (inch) Resolution MW506-01 200 8 0.05° MW506-02 300 12 …

Digital Protractor MW505 -Series

Digital Protractor MW505 -Series Features • Large LCD display • Strong magnets on all blade edges • Easy-to-use and strong lock device • Hold function • Reversible reading • Accuracy: ±0.2º   Code No. Range Size Resolution MW505-01 360° 100mm / 4″ 0.05° MW505-02 360° 200mm / 8″ 0.05° MW505-03 360° 300mm / 12″ 0.05°

Digital Protractor MW500-01D

Digital  Protractor MW500-01D Features 360° measuring range (4×90°) Manufactured from stainless steel Displays in deg/min/sec and decimal Resolution 30″ Accuracy +/-5′ Fine adjustment Supplied with 150mm, 200mm and 300mm blades Supplied with acute angle attachment Battery CR2032 Code No. Range MW500-01D 360°

Indicator Bevel Protractor MW510-01

Indicator Bevel Protractor MW510-01 Factory Standard • Features high quality indicator • Made of high quality hardened and ground stainless steel • High precision satin chromed scale • Minimum reading 5 minutes • Magnifying glass for easy reading • With fine adjustment and height gauge attachment • 300mm/12″ rule and 150mm/6″ rule   Code No. Range MW510-01 360°

Universal Bevel Protractors MW500-01

Universal Bevel Protractors  MW500-01 Standard: Factory Standard • Made of high quality hardened and ground stainless steel • High precision satin chromed scale • Minimum reading 5 minutes • Magnifying glass for easy reading • With fine adjustment and height gauge attachment • 300mm/ 12″ and 150mm/6″ rule • Packed as set in plastic box Code No. Range MW500-01 360°

Traditional Protractor BPRO Series

Traditional  Protractor BPRO Series Suitable for the measurement and marking out of angles. The Moore & Wright bevel protractor can be set to any angle. An optional acute angle attachment allows the user to quickly measure both wafer thin and broad wedge shaped components. Complies with BS1685 • Resolution of 5 arc minutes (1/12 degree) …
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