Dial Indicator Archive

Digital Absolute Indicator 430-DABS Series

Digital Absolute Indicator 430-DABS Series Features • Absolute Measuring System • RS232 Digimatic output • CR2032 battery • 8mm/H7 clamping diameter • Supplied with lugback and flat back • Functions: tolerances, mm/inch conversion, preset, data-output • IP54 rated Digital Absolute Indicator Code No. Range (mm) Range (inch) Resolution (mm) Resolution (inch) Accuracy (mm) Accuracy (inch) MW430-01DABS …

Digital Indicators MW 415 Series

Digital Indicators MW 415 Series Features Large LCD display 8mm stem mounting Resolution 0.001mm/ 0.00005″ Function: mm/inch conversion, ABS/INC, Preset Floating Zero Code No. Range  Accuracy MW415-01 0-12.5mm/ 0.5″ 0.004mm/0.00015″ MW415-02 0-25mm/ 1″ 0.005mm/0.0002″ MW415-03 0-30mm/ 1.2″ 0.005mm/0.0002″ MW415-04 0-50mm/ 2″ 0.006mm/0.00025″

Digital Indicators MW410-02DF

Digital Indicators MW410-02DF Features Functions include Tolerance and Min/Max Direct Inch/Metric conversion Resolution 0.001mm/ 0.00005″ Absolute/ Incremental reading Floating Zero Code No. Range (mm) Range (inch) Resolution (mm) Resolution (inch) Accuracy MW410-02DF 0-12.7 0.5″ 0.001 0.0005 0.008mm/0.0003″

Digital Indicators MW 405 Series

Digital Indicators  MW 405 Series Moore & Wright digital indicator manufactured to withstand the rigours of shop floor use. Easy to use functions accessed via three buttons.   Features • Direct Inch / Metric conversion • 58mm dial face • Lugback and 8mm stem mountings • Resolution 0.01mm / 0.0005″ • Absolute / Incremental reading …

Dial Indicator MW 401 Series

Dial Indicator MW401 Series Features Standard: ANSI B89.1.10 • Aluminium body • With Tungsten carbide measuring tip • Adjustable bezel with stop screw • Tolerance indicators • Lug back (flat back is optional) Code No. Description Range (mm) Range (inch) Resolution (mm) Resolution (inch) Bezel Diameter Stem Diameter MW401-01 Lug back – 0-0.5 – 0.001 58mm …

Dial Indicator MW 400 Series

Dial Indicator  MW 400 Series Standard: DIN 878 Features • Satin-chromed body • With tungsten carbide measuring contact • With double dial indicator for measuring mm stroke • Shockproof • Micron versions are jewelled • Adjustable scale with stop screw • Packed in foam box Code No. Description Range (mm) Resolution (mm) Dial Diameter MW400-01 …
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