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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge 

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is a measuring instrument for the non-destructive investigation of a material's thickness using ultrasonic waves

The usage of an ultrasonic thickness gauge for non-destructive testing to check material properties such as thickness measurement, is now regularly utilized in all areas of industrial measurements. The ability to gauge thickness measurement without requiring access to both sides of the test piece, offers this technology a multitude of possible applications. Paint thickness gauge, ultrasonic coating thickness gauge, digital thickness gauges and many more options are available to test plastics, glass, ceramics, metal and other materials.

A rugged ultrasonic thickness gauge determines sample thickness by measuring the amount of time it takes sound to traverse from the transducer through the material to the back end of a part, and then measures the time which the reflection takes to get back to the transducer. The ultrasonic thickness gauge then calculates the data based on the speed of the sound through the tested sample.




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