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Bore Gauge, Inside Micrometer

       Bore Guage measure inside hole diameter with high accuracy. The operator turns a knob or releases a trigger to simultaneously extend the contacts outward until the wall is touched by all contacts. Bore gages are selected by measurement range, depth, accuracy requirements and number of contacts (two or three). Some are available with interchangeable measuring heads for different diameters or extensions for depth. They can have electronic displays (some with output), micrometer-type vernier scales or a dial (similar to an indicator). The Starrett line of bore gages is extensive, with products available for a broad range of applications.

      Bowers Metrology (UK) Long recognised as the world’s leading Bore Gauge manufacturer, Bowers continues to lead the field within the area of internal measurement. In response to customer demand and as a result of the company’s continued investment in cutting-edge technology, we now produce an increasingly comprehensive range of affordable, quality instruments intended for other applications, such as depth and external gauging. A past recipient of the coveted Queens Award for Export, we currently export 82% of our output.


Bore Gauge

we can supply as individual and set. Every bore gauge in clude Setting Ring and UKAS Certificate.



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